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Centrifugal Fan


MESINA make Centrifugal Fans are known for their use in the VENTILATION & AIR CONDITIONING Field.

More than 500 such Fans are running in Industries to meet the requirement of Supply Air and Exhaust Air systems. These fans find usage in Steel Plants, Petro Chemical Industries, Textile Mills, Marine service on ships, Pneumatic conveying, Paper Mills, Potteries and scores of other Ventilation, Air conditioning and Air Washer applications in fast progressing Industrial World.

In Design, Development and Construction, emphasis has been placed on durability, reliability, continuous running, economy and quietness of operation.

Fan Classifications

There are mainly 3 types, Backward curve, Forward curve and Radial curve. Backward curve blades are usually specified in Supply Centrifugal Fans in Industries for Non-Overloading characteristic. Forward curve Fans are used in Air Handling units for greater air quantity at lesser speed while Radial blades are used in Centrifugal Exhaust Air Fans for high pressure.

Fan Construction

Fan Construction is as per Indian standards 4894-1987 and AMCA standards for Fan construction to withstand centrifugal force, torque, thrust, vibratory and critical speeds and to provide adequate strength to stationary and rotating parts.


Casings are volute design scroll welded on sides, supported on angle frames mounted on channel base frame. Fans are usually horizontal split casing type for removal of rotor wheel facility for servicing and replacement. For normal application casing thickness is 3.15mm whereas 4/6 mm is optional for special cases.


Rotors also called impellers or wheels, they are fixed to HUB which are mounted on EN-8 shaft which is overhung on the extended shaft mounted on two bearings with pedestals. Arrangement -1 fans are generally single width single inlet only. All rotors are of welded construction and are balanced as per ISO-1940 Gr 6.3.


Blades are securely welded between extra thick Back Plate and Inlet Cone ring.


Bearings are ball or roller type with grease lubrication equipped with pedestal for servicing.

Bearing Temp Limitation

Bearing Temp Limitation is 140° C for arrangement -1 and 90° C for arrangement - 3.

Special Fans

Spark resistant and high temperature construction fans are also available.

Fan Accessories

Fan Accessories that are available are Variable inlet vane damper, Outlet damper, Cushy foot mountings and Foundation bolts nuts.


Paint all fan parts except shaft and bearings are given a coat of Red Oxide and Epoxy Enamel paint.

Fan performance Requirements at site installation

  • Air delivery quantity measurement in CMH.
  • Total Air pressure measurement in mm wg Fan.
  • Fan speed in RPM.
  • Motor Current in Amps.
  • Vibration level.
Centrifugal Fan

Fan Capacities and Pressures

Backward SISW. 10000 to 185000 CMH
DIDW. 18000 to 330000 CMH
Pressure SISW. 40 to 100 mm wg
DIDW. Forward 40 to 76 mm wg Pressure
DIDW. 4000 to 50000 CMH DIDW. 25 to 50 mm wg pressure

Fan Outlet Velocities

Recommended SISW 7.62 to 12.19 mt/second (1500 to 2400 ft / min)
DIDW 7.62 to 10.16 mt/second (1500 to 2000 ft/min)

Fan performance Requirements at site installation

Air delivery quantity measurement in CMH

Direction Of Rotation & Discharge

Its considered by viewing the wheel rotation from the drive side either in clockwise or counter clockwise direction.

Centrifugal Fan Motor Position, Belt Drive

Location of motor is determined by facing the drive side of fan and designating the motor position by letter W,X, Y or Z as the case may be

Order Instruction

  1. Capacity
  2. Pressure
  3. Direction of Rotation
  4. Direction of Discharge
  5. Bearing Arrangement

Recommended fan outlet velocity in m/s

Theaters and public building 6.6-10.1, 7.6-11.1
Industrial building 9.1- 12.1 9.1-14.2