MESINA Products MESINA Package A. C. Unit
The Package Type Airconditioning Unit is designed and engineered to suit requirement where 24 hours continuous duty is required. All components such as the Open - type Compressor, Motors, Shell & Tube Water cooled Condensor or Air Cooled Condensor coil, Cooling coil are mounted on channel and iron frame work which is heavy duty and has rugged construction. The Casing is formed into shape to receive Glass Wool Insulation. It has proven its mettle at Steel Plants, Hotels, Restaurants and Thermal Power Plant.

Description :
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Compressor : Open / Semi Sealed / Hermatic Optional.
Motors : 3 Phase AC squirrel cage motor, IP 55 , Ambient 50°C, Duty S1, 'F' Class of Insulation.
Condensor : a)  Water Cooled Shell & Tube Condensor (Integral finned, Copper tube expanded joint ends      pressure tested).
b) Air Cooled Condensor (Copper tube, Header, Aluminium Fins) coil with Condensor motor      & fan blade.
Evaporator : Dx type Cooling Coil with 4 / 6 rows deep copper tubes, 10-12 aluminium fins per inch, brass distributor, copper header, end plate 16/14 g.
Air Blower : Centrifugal Fan dynamically balanced and supported by pillow (silent) block bearings V-belt driven by 3 phase TEFC motor.
Control Instrument : Control HP & LP cutouts, OP, Water Flow Cutout Switch, Gas Solenoid Valve, Expansion Valve, Thermostat, Pressure Gauges.
Frame Work Casing : M.S. Angle & Channel Base Frame, MS/GI insulated double skin removable panels.

Package A. C. Unit
  • Continuous research results in steady improvements. Therefore, these specification are subject to change without notice.
  • Specification shown above is of Package Type Water Cooled Air Conditioner with Open type Compressors.
  • We also manufacture Air Cooled Package AC Unit.